Cruise to the North and West corners of the Galapagos Islands

Cruise to the North and West corners of the Galapagos Islands
This expedition cruise will take you to the extreme north and west corners, stopping at the sanctuary islands of Genovesa (Fernandina), Santiago, Floreana, and many other places. The route is rich with wildife, and visitors can spot three types of boobies: masked, red, and blue footed, as well as giant tortoises and olws. You can swim with marine turtles and sea lions. The Tip Top IV boat is first-class and offers all the comforts you need to have a relaxing time.

Day by day

Punta Espinoza | Flightless cormorant | Marine Iguana | Galapagos Islands
El Barranco | Red footed boobie | Galapagos Islands
Cala Bucanero | Galapagos Islands


Air ticket
International and Ecuadorian food
Personalized service
Coffee & Herbal tea
Swim fins

Does not include

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
Personal Expenses
Transit Control Card USD20 per person
Galapagos Park Fee USD100 per person
Travel insurance mandatory
Wetsuits for rent
Tip Top IV
From $10,479.00 per person


Cover all corners of the Galapagos archipelago on an 8 day route visiting sites that are only accesible via liveaboard cruising
See the 3 types of booby birds in one spot at Punta Pitt - Nazca, red and blue footed boobies nest alongside each other
Swim with sea lions, marine turtles and possibly hammer head sharks at Champion rocks
Use the post office barrel to send a card back home
Enjoy the playful mocking birds and noisy sea lions at the beautiful white sand beach at Gardner Bay

Departure dates

Start DateEnd DateItineraryDuration
2024-05-102024-05-17A8 days
2025-01-032025-01-10A8 days