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Tip Top IVTip Top IV

Take a trip of a lifetime aboard the Galapagos tip top IV. A journey full of adventure unfolds among the islands. This vessel was built in 2006. It is a testimony to the engineering expertise of its designers. The engine has been designed for passenger safety.

The TipTop 4 Yacht is a luxurious vessel that will cocoon you in comfort and opulence throughout your journey. This motor yacht, measuring 125 feet in length, can accommodate 16 passengers. It promises an exclusive experience while sailing at 12 knots.

You can rest assured that the Galapagos National Park Authority-certified naturalist guides who will accompany you aboard the TipTop 4 are experts in their field. These experts are fluent in English and Spanish and will help you understand the intricacies surrounding marine habitats, terrestrial wildlife and their interactions. They'll also enrich your trip with daily briefings and insightful talks that bring life to the islands.

The 10 luxurious cabins can accommodate 16 passengers. Air conditioning is available in each cabin, as well as hot water, full bathrooms, and washbasin and vanity areas. Its splendor extends to a bar with a full selection of drinks, dining area, cozy lounge and library filled with information about the islands. The eight-member crew includes a barman and a chef who are all accomplished professionals.

This Adventure Cruise has been hailed by past passengers who traversed through the Galapagos Islands. It is a testimony to the service and comfort provided.

Explore the offerings of the yacht, which are spread across both the upper and the lower decks. Six cabins are located on the lower deck, and four others, which have been generously furnished, can be found in the upper deck. Its large layout encourages passengers to explore the vessel freely, creating a feeling of spaciousness.

Elegance is evident on the TipTop 4, with its modern, luminous interior design. As you cruise, panoramic windows offer a unique view of the islands. Exquisite fabrics and furnishings reflect the highest quality standards.

The yacht is equipped with a wide range of amenities, including icemakers, fridges, VCR and DVD players, hot and cold water, email, as well as DVDs and CDs. The yacht provides kayaks, paddleboards, snorkeling gear, and equipment to watch birds.

The TipTop III Yacht is a yacht that exceeds the minimum environmental standards, and embraces a deep commitment to minimize its environmental impact.

The TipTop 4 is the epitome of Galapagos cruises, offering unfailing comfort and attention to every detail. Your journey will be one that you'll never forget.

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