Galapagos Travel

The Galápagos Islands archipelago is famous for its unique and fearless wildlife and as a living laboratory for evolutionists. You can walk just inches past the nest of a blue-footed booby while it feeds its young and it will not even twitch,  swim with marine iguanas and playfull sea lions and meet eye-to-eye with giant tortoises. The desolate and volcanic landscape is unsurpassed in its haunting beauty.

Travellers who visit the Galapagos have the opportunity to encounter peerless wildlife, animals and plants that are found nowhere else on the planet, and the ones that are similar have learned not to be afraid of visitors and will allow for extremely close encounters.

Galapagos travel is for people who enjoy nature and its wonders. The Galapagos archipelago offers a live display of survival of the fittest, the strongest do not make it, the survivors are those who can adapt to the harsh Galapagos ecosystem.

There are birds who have lost their ability to fly in order to become better swimmers, there are penguins at the Equator and the worlds only seagoing lizards. A true savage garden with wonderfull contradictions.

Visitors should have a strong spirit for conservation, interest in natural history, and be willing to abide to the Galapagos park rules. When cruising the enchanted archipelago travellers should enjoy being on board a yacht for several days, wake up early, hike a couple hours a day and be willing to jump into the water with their snorkelling gear ready to admire the rich marine life.

Galapagos travellers love to explore the Islands by day and be active. They are not worried about walking on lava or jumping into the water in search of mantarays, friendly sharks and sea turtles. They search life-enriching experiences, where frills and luxury become second priorities, where educational lectures, a great guide, comfort and safety are the true needs. on board our Galapagos boutique yachts Galapagos travellers eat well and sleep in well appointed cabins by night. They enjoy a carefree vacation in the Islands on board custom designed yachts with creature comforts and dedicated service.