What to Bring

Suggested packing list


    * Comfortable walking shoes
    * Sandals with thongs or Tevas for wet landings
    * Light cotton socks
    * Long-sleeved cotton shirts and T-shirts
    * Light cotton scarf to protect your neck
    * Shorts
    * Lightweight long pants or skirt / dress
    * Light rain jacket or wind breaker
    * Sweatshirt, Sweater, light jacket: the early morning/late evenings can get cool, often with a breeze
    * Wide-brim hat
    * Bathing suits


    * Sun block lotion
    * PABA sunscreen (at least # 15)
    * Lip salve
    * Sunglasses with a strap
    * Extra eye glasses/ contact lenses
    * Insect repellent
    * Personal medication
    * Self-sealing bags for electronic equipment
    * Camera
    * Underwater cameras to take photos of the animal life while snorkeling
    * Camera gear
    * Film and more film or enough flash memory to download pictures.
    * Binoculars in case you want to get a more detailed look at unique animals in Galapagos.
    * Extra batteries for cameras
    * Plastic Bags

  Money and Security

    * Passport
    * Copy of passport
    * US Cash mostly low denomination bills ($5 to $20)
    * Travel Insurance

  Motion Sickness

    * Salted Crackers
    * Candied Ginger or ginger tablets
    * Patch

First Aid 

    * Pepto Bismol or Kaopectate for stomach upset and mild diarrhea.
    * Immodium or Lomotil for more severe diarrhea
    * Band - Aids
    * Anti-biotic cream
    * Aloe Vera cream or gel for sunburn
    * Tylenol or other mild pain relief.