5 days – Southern Islands Galapagos mega yacht tour - Isabella II

5 days – Southern Islands Galapagos mega yacht tour - Isabella II
This Galapagos tour will put you in front of the most interesting wildlife, in particular birds like the waved albatross, all 3 types of boobies (red footed, blue footed and masked or Nazca) and of course the iconic Galapagos tortoise. The activities are well balanced between nature hikes and opportunities to explore the turqoise waters of the marine reserve as you swim and snorkel with playful sea lions, marine iguanas, turtles, rays and reef fish. You will navigate the waters of the Southern islands of the archipelago on board the mega yacht M/V Isabela II. She only carries 48 guests and has all the necessary equipment to offer a comprehensive expedition with amazing wildlife encounters. Ideal for alumni groups or travel club charters, as well as individual guests who are looking for a high end on board experience as well as a premium wildlfie viewing program.

Day by day

Floreana | Galapagos Islands
Cerro Frigatebird | Frigate bird | Galapagos Islands
Punta Pitt | Pitt Point | Galapagos Islands
Isabela II
From $4,132.00 per person


A learning and fulfilling visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station.
Visit Punta Pitt where you will find the 3 types of Sulidae birds - Blue Footed, Red Footed and Nazca Boobies
Fantastic wildlife on every step you take at Suarez Point and Gardner Bay.
Walk on olive colored sand at Punta Cormorant beach on Floreana Island

Departure dates

Start DateEnd DateItineraryDuration
2024-01-182024-01-235W6 days
2024-03-142024-03-195W6 days
2024-04-152024-04-205N6 days
2024-04-252024-04-305W6 days
2024-04-292024-05-045N6 days