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Join the Galapagos Odyssey on an unforgettable journey! The 16-passenger Galapagos Odyssey is a motor boat that stands out among its peers. It offers 5-day and 6-day itineraries carefully curated to highlight the islands' most popular and iconic destinations.

Galapagos Odyssey has a crew of certified naturalist guides, an experienced cruise director and a cruise crew that are all dedicated to making your cruise a once in a lifetime experience.

Enjoy the light breeze from your sun-drenched deck, or relax in an open-air Jacuzzi as you transition between locations. As you discover the Galapagos, every aspect of your yachting experience will be thoughtfully planned.

The ten spacious cabins feature individually adjustable air-conditioning, comfortable desks and couches, minibars, plenty of storage and an ensuite bathroom with a shower that is sure to rejuvenate. Three panoramic windows in each cabin can be thrown open to let the island breeze cool you down.

The main deck of the Odyssey Galapagos Cruise is a dining room and lounge, with a bar and TV/DVD set-up. A large library and well-equipped bar are also available. Sundeck chaise lounges invite you to relax between excursions. A Jacuzzi is a welcome oasis of tranquility.

The naturalist guides will provide you with insightful information about your excursion. Enjoy every minute of your extraordinary experience.

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