Grace | Galapagos Yacht

Grace Motor Yacht is a vessel with a unique design, constructed by Camper & Nicholson at their renowned shipyards. It provides both space and comfort. Grace Motor Yacht is an ideal vessel for adventure travelers, kayakers and tourists interested in natural history. The Grace is equipped with stabilizers to ensure the best possible running on the calm Galapagos Seas.
This main lounge is spacious and equipped with luxury sofas, chairs and a bar. It also has an entertainment center. The main salon is where passengers gather to be briefed by the guides, watch movies, have a drink or relax. The meals are served either inside (al fresco) or outdoors.

Grace offers nine luxurious and comfortable cabins, each with ample storage. There is a large sundeck with a spa and lots of room to read, sunbathe or take photos. Outdoor social areas are the ideal place to take in the changing landscape of the islands.

The two eight-day itineraries were planned in conjunction with the Galapagos Park Authority to maximize navigation between islands and to reach visitor sites during the best time of day so that guests can enjoy wildlife without being rushed. The only vessel with two naturalists onboard and a cruise manager to ensure top-notch service. As the day winds down, the ship hosts a variety of lectures on conservation and Darwinian lore.
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