Evolution | Galapagos Yacht

The M/V Evolution Motor Sailing Yacht, also known as the Evolution, is a classic built vessel that started cruising the Galapagos Islands in 2003. There are 16 air-conditioned, spacious, modernly furnished cabins that can accommodate up to 32 people. Each cabin has a private bathroom (hot showers) and toilet. A well-stocked bar, elegant dining room and spacious outdoor dining area are just a few of the amenities available. Enjoy the warm, salty breeze of the Galapagos on the Evolution's large deck (over 2500ft2 or 232.3m2). You will be accompanied by a friendly crew and a knowledgeable naturalist guide on your tour of this archipelago.

Our CEO Andre Robles visited the Guayaquil shipyard to inspect boats and enjoyed a private tour of his boat. In the company of Mrs. Dolores Diez, he was shown all details. Galapagos' cruise industry admires her strength and spirit at senior age. Watching the silver lady carry matresses, and work side by side with her crew and workers is a testament to the incredible amount of care and attention that went into maintaining this yacht. Each guest is treated with the same respect and care, ensuring they have a wonderful vacation.

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